Happy New Year & Congratulations to 2019 Looliez Starz

A huge congratulations to all of 2019 Looliez Starz.

fabjnr.com is a proud brand partner to Looliez.com and this year we are featuring the 2019 Looliez Starz



Meet the STARZ



Rocco Winnock from London, UK


Kiara from Melbourne, Australia


Natalie from Richmond, VA, USA


Waverly from Dallas TX, USA


William from Melbourne, Australia


Charline from Winterville, NC, USA


Michel from Germany


Zuri from Waldorf, MD, USA


Olivia Reese from Nashville TN, USA


Suus from The Netherlands


hamza from Bosnia


Harlie from London, UK


Maddox from CA, USA


NYLA from Toronto, Canada


Jeylei from Oakland, CA, USA


Nevaeh & Jaliyah from The Netherlands


Wishing you and your families a wonderful and happy New Year!




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